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About Us

Welcome to Tiny Tux, the destination for exquisite children’s clothing. We are a UK based company whose directors have collectively over 50 years industry experience.

As formal wear experts, we pride ourselves on offering the most exclusive and unique ranges available, and with our in depth knowledge of fashion wear trends carefully select and personally design our ranges, which has enabled our business to go from strength to strength.

With an enviable brand position, Tiny Tux is here to offer you, the customer, unquestionable style as well as beautifully tailored garments.

Our hand crafted Morning suits date back to the Victorians, who have a lot to answer for today’s styling, and in those times gentry would have been expected to own morningwear for use on a daily basis.

As Silk is one of the most popular fabrics used in making cravats and waistcoats and throughout history has had a reputation as a sensuous and luxurious fabric, associated with success and wealth, we have taken the time to trawl the fabric mills to bring you this most desirable fabric at affordable prices.

Fitting in with our dedication to uniqueness and creativity we offer our own twist on our exquisitely tailored shirts. With our two styles of classic and wing collar shirt, we have added Satin trim detail to the collar and cuff to match our waistcoast colours.

Our underlying aim is to provide you not only with an enjoyable shopping experience but also to give you access to expert advice and information on what to wear at all kinds of formal functions from Weddings, to christenings, communions, and all forms of formal wear events.

We are proud to offer the highest level of customer service in a friendly and professional manner, and welcome you to join us in the experience of buying gorgeous, innovative, premium clothing.

Tiny Tux